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Awarded Denmarks Best Travelblog by Travelmarket in 2016. is a danish Family Travel Blog written by Rebecca and Kris,
who travels the world with their kids.


Behind the blog you will find a travel-loving couple, Rebecca and Kris, and our daughter Andrea from November 15 (and soon we will say hello to yet another travelblogger as we are expecting a boy this November). We have always been very passionated about traveling, and we would love to share this journey with our kids.

We started blogging during our travels to Australia in 2012 – back then it was only for our parents to see. But we were caugt by the travelbug and the passion for blogging, so we decided to be more serious about it, and in march 2014 we started Some of our biggest adventures so far, has been our 7 month roadtrip around Australia, a roadtrip down the East Coast of USA and to several destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We love to experience new countries and cultures – but most of all, we love to share our knowledge of this to our readers. Our goal is to inspire our readers through well-written blog posts with inspirational pictures.

When we started our blog back in 2014 we traveled as a couple, and most of our travels was adventurous with hiking, skydiving and river rafting and so on. In 2015 we became parents and our blog changed drastically. We have adapted our blog to our new travel style, and luckily our readers has held on. We therefore have a very broad audience on the blog – from the backpacker going for the outback-adventure to the couple going on a beach holiday. But our main focus is to inspire families with small kids to travel.

This travel blog is aimed at travel-loving Danes especially in the 20s and 30s, and so far we have helped inspire more than 250,000 unique readers. Our readers are seeking for great tips and tricks for their journey or inspiration for new destinations.







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We are always interested in new collaborations. If you have a destination, a product or a service you would like us to mention or to review on the blog, feel free to look at the following advertising options.

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Please notice: We write ALL content on ourselves, and we do not allow sponsored posts written by others on the blog. We do not link to products we have not tried or can not recommend. In addition, we only write about things that interest us and things we have experienced. Furthermore it has to fit to our niche: “traveling with children”. We will always write our own opinions of the destination / brand / service.



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We have been blogging since 2012 was founded in march 2014
Awarded Denmarks Best Travel Blog in 2016

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